B2B American Southeast helps business-to-business buyers and sellers keep pace with digital transformation opportunities, innovation and competition. B2B American Southeast is a single, daily curated business news platform that eliminates inefficient, unreliable and outdated manual gathering of information from numerous sources. It is content, commerce and high speed connectivity, empowering new growth and transformation demand in every sector, from an eight state southeast region -- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee . It’s all in one place and focused on your product/service footprint, your existing client base and the collective intelligence of your Southeast B2B community. 

U.S. and Global News
B2BAmericanSoutheast.com is a daily resource for all industry news in focused channels about the business of technology, fintech, growth and expansions, plus exporting. Industry news, videos and podcasts are free of charge to all. US and international news RSS feeds supply approximately 60 continuous headline stories every day for each of the four channels with videos launching each weekday and podcasts as released into RSS.

Curated Southeast U.S. News
The curated news – the best of the best – in each of the channels labeled Southeast News for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee is offered by subscription only. B2BAmericanSoutheast.com covers local startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium sized businesses, economic development agencies, chambers, large enterprises and Fortune 500s across the region. Fresh content each weekday puts the Southeast business perspectives and opportunities in context resulting, perhaps, into a serendipitous idea, business lead or connection. It surely provides the foundation for knowing and strengthening our region of the United States – one that is growing and thriving.

  • Regional Coverage
    In covering the eight Southeastern states, curated news is compiled for 27 major cities, from the largest populations of Atlanta and Miami with metro sizes of 6+ million people to the midsized metros such as Charlotte (2,636,883), Nashville (1,959,495) and Birmingham (1,151,801), and the smallest including Jackson MS (580,166) and Charleston SC (802,122). More than ever, even smaller towns are enjoying major business announcements due to the pandemic and technology freeing employers and employees from the tethers of big cities.

  • Local and Global Resources
    B2BAmericanSoutheast.com industry researchers reach out to hundreds of news resources each year to find the most important news and information for its members. Resources include local city and state media such as Nashvillepost.com and the Charlotteobserver.com to FLgov.com and AL.com. Industry specific U.S. resources include Dig South, WRAL News Tech, Tech Crunch, while industry specific worldwide media such as American Banker, Yahoo Finance, CNET (tech), Finextra give the bigger global picture. International news media such as Associated Press, PR Newswire, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NY Times are valuable resources as are the not so obvious: Shipper News, Chain Store Age, Mobi Health News, Banking Dive.
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