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Posted October 13, 2020

Anik Khan took his family on their first vacation using rewards from credit cards — paying out of pocket only for food.

The 2014 trip to San Francisco and Yosemite with his parents and younger brother was the first of many Khan financed with rewards.

Now he’s helping others do the same.

“I realized there’s a lot of money in this,” Khan said.

A manager at a previous job at Accenture had encouraged him to use his cards smartly.

“He said ‘You’re going to be spending a lot on business expenses, you should maximize your credit card rewards,’ ” Khan said. “That really got me interested in learning more about this. That was in 2013 right after I graduated.”

The Georgia Tech graduate founded MaxRewards, a digital wallet app that helps consumers make the most of points, rewards and other perks, a little more than a year ago. He’s hoping to raise $2 million in a seed round still this year.

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