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Posted April 09, 2021


Fintech startup Home Lending Pal is using artificial intelligence to make homeownership a reality for more millennials and minorities.

Home Lending Pal, co-founded by Bryan Young and Steven Better, is a mortgage research platform that uses AI to simulate underwriting. The process helps prospective homebuyers determine loan affordability and compare the likelihood of approvals with multiple lenders.

The pair began in Florida in 2017 but decided to expand operations to Charlotte and the Raleigh/Durham area after participating in the locally based RevTech Labs' IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator in 2019.

"Our initial thought was, 'A home is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. There's so much data out here about home buying, and everyone benefits from that except the buyer,'" Young said.

The platform, called Intelligent Mortgage Advisor, works by having clients connect their bank accounts to give the Home Lending Pal teams access to their last two years of transactions and authorize a soft credit pull. This helps identify any issues or red flags that might prevent a potential homebuyer from being approved for a loan, he said. The platform also helps clients search for affordable mortgage options, find hidden homeownership costs and identify lenders willing to work with them.

"The whole process takes about 15 minutes and is very interactive by pushing you to start adding homes you're actually interested in and running calculations to tell you what the entirety of your homeownership might look like," Young said. "Then we decide if you're ready to move forward."

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