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Posted May 05, 2021

Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson Tennessee has tactics to initiate using cryptocurrency within the city.

The mayor also believed that the city is discovering giving its employees the choice to be paid in crypto as well as mining Bitcoin and possessing it on the city's balance sheet.

What does the forthcoming of cryptocurrency appear like for the city of Jackson?

We are exploring payroll changes for our employees. Also, more exciting – we are discovering mining Bitcoin to add to our Balance sheet, mentioned the mayor in a tweet.

The mayor made his awareness of cryptocurrency even stronger when he changed his Twitter picture to comprise laser eyes, a prevalent trend among those elaborates in the crypto-twitter community.

The city of Jackson is discovering the choice to pay its employees in cryptocurrency and may activate mining Bitcoin.

The mayor's move relations Jackson TN with the city of Miami FL and selected of its nearby counties. The city of Miami has ongoing plans to allow its employees to be remunerated in crypto.

Miami-Dade, a county within the metropolitan area, is also ongoing to evaluate ways the use of cryptocurrency can make life more efficient.


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