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Posted November 05, 2020

A Kentucky-based FinTech start-up recently announced the introduction of their title search management automation software-as-a-service (SaaS), Title Leader The cloud-based technology platform provides automated ordering of title searches for any residential or commercial property in the United States and streamlines the entire title search management process.

“Title Leader is workflow process automation and search technology for the entire 11-step title search management process,” says Monroe Jett, company CEO. “We developed Title Leader specifically for law firms that deal with high volume title searches, and want to increase productivity and reduce personnel expense.” Jett adds, “We’re not just ordering software, we’re full-on business management technology for the entire title search process.”

According to Jett, Title Leader fully automates ordering, tracking, receipt, access, storage, search, communication, invoice receipt-review-payment, and reporting. “Title Leader is both a management platform and national search vendor. Everything is fully automated in one smart dashboard. It’s always working and constantly updating to the cloud, which means your team can see the real-time status of any order, on any device, at any time. You’re no longer dependent on an abstractor’s availability or responsiveness. Workflow continuity is assured with far less training needed. You still need employees, just fewer of them.”

Brad Westover, executive director of the National Tax Lien Association, says Title Leader is the future. “I love innovations in our industry and Title Leader is a remarkable new tool that will benefit our members immediately. I’m glad there are people out there making remarkable products like this.”

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