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Posted March 19, 2021


Technisys, a Miami-based digital core banking provider, has bought Kona, a firm which operates an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot.

The acquisition, the amount for which is undisclosed, was first reported by Bank Automation News.

The deal allows Technisys to automate “more complex interactions” between customers and banks

It will see Technisys adopt natural language processing (NLP) and intent analysis technology. The core provider will integrate these products into its banking suite.

The fintech serves both incumbents, and fellow fintechs. To date, Technisys has acquired some 60 bank customers – including HSBC, ScotiaBank, and Brazil’s Itau Bank.

The latter two banks are also customers of Toronto-based Kona. The Canadian start-up provides virtual assistants and chatbots. As well as know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and video recognition services.

Technisys’ chief product officer, Ricardo Zuasti, tells Bank Automation News the deal will enable the fintech to automate “more complex interactions” between customers and banks.

He adds: “If you build into those automations, the ability to smartly hand off those interactions to humans — when the automation is not able to provide a good enough answer — you are basically merging the best of both worlds.”


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