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Posted October 14, 2021


ST. MARTIN, Miss. (WLOX) - Smartphones have easily become the most important item for people, containing everything from cherished photos to their credit cards.

With technology now being used in place of people’s wallets, there has been a steady increase in places who accept payments directly from phones. That includes cryptocurrency, which is also stored in a digital wallet.

While online giving has been an option at many churches, one South Mississippi church is taking its giving method a step farther into the future and allowing parishioners to give offering or pay tithes using cryptocurrency.

Cash is something that is rarely seen in many churches anymore, with most opting for the ease of donating online.

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}At Back Bay Baptist Church in St. Martin, the pandemic changed the way the church previously collected offering.

“We stopped passing around an offering basket when COVID hit,” said Back Bay Baptist’s Pastor Adam Bennett. “We actually have a little basket in the back of the room.”

Now, the church has upped its tech game even further. On Sept. 26, Back Bay Baptist launched its cryptocurrency giving method.

“This is different,” said Bennett. “This is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a new technology called the blockchain and it’s a network. Basically, in order to use this network, you have to have crypto assets or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Theorem, Litecoin. And so, with these assets, you can use the network.”


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