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022421March 02, 2021


Polyplex USA today announced plans for a $90.6 million production expansion at its Decatur facility, with the additional hiring of 100 workers.

Construction at the facility is scheduled to begin during the first half of this year, with production beginning by the end of 2022.

The expansion will increase the capacity to produce BOPET, a material used in packaging, electrical and industrial applications. The expansion will give Polyplex’s Decatur facility the largest capacity BOPET film line in the world.

Polyplex USA President Amit Kalra said the expansion will tap into the growing shift towards local supply in regional markets. It will also make Polyplex USA’s cost structure more efficient with a two-line configuration.

“We are eager to leverage our existing operations, our strong ties to our customers, to our communities and of course to the expertise of our operations team as evidenced by our successful expansions in other locations,” Kalra said. “We have a well-established sales and distribution system and hope to continue to provide additional value to our customers with a cost effective, faster turnaround and increased reliability of supplies.”

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