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Posted November 12, 2021


Rampart IC, a Birmingham-based medical device company specializing in radiation shielding and orthopedic protection, has signed four separate distribution agreements that secure distribution throughout most European countries and within the Middle East. Rampart IC has achieved the CE marking, indicating that the product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet European Union (EU) safety, health and environmental protection requirements. This marking is required for all commercial products to be marketed in the EU.

EPS Vascular, headquartered in Sweden, will distribute Rampart IC throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Vascular Perspectives, headquartered in England, will distribute within England, Scotland and Wales. Bioquantek, headquartered in Rome, will distribute throughout Italy, including San Marino and Vatican City. Gulf House Medical System will distribute to the Kingdom of Bahrain and eastern Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this year, Rampart IC announced its first international distribution agreement with Wilhelm Integrated Solutions, serving Australia and New Zealand. Rampart manages direct sales within the United States.

The Rampart M1128 is a device developed for interventional cardiologists (ICs), but has found its way into several interventional specialties. Interventionalists and their teams spend extended time in catheterization labs and, therefore, rank as the occupation with the highest level of radiation exposure in the world1. ICs often face debilitating injuries resulting from the 20-30 pound lead aprons traditionally worn to reduce radiation exposure2. Sixty percent of cardiologists suffer from work-related back issues, with many physicians experiencing ruptured discs and other chronic spinal problems that often require surgery.


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