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Posted June 18, 2021

Datavant and Ciox Health have entered into a definitive agreement to merge the two companies in a deal valued at $7bn.

To be named Datavant, the merged company will become the largest health data ecosystem in the US with revenue of over $700m.

It will aid patients, providers, payers, health data analytics firms, patient-facing applications, government organisations and life science firms to exchange their patient-level data in a secured manner.{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}

Furthermore, the new company will focus on enhancing patient outcomes and cutting costs by eradicating barriers to secure health data exchange.

Datavant will provide the ability to access, exchange and connect data among various organisations in its ecosystem for use cases such as improved clinical care, health analytics and medical studies.

The merged ecosystem of the entity will have over 2,000 hospitals and 15,000 clinics in the US.

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