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 Posted April 23, 2021


Atlanta Ventures and Mark Cuban are investing in digital marketing startup Offbeat Media Group. Offbeat is a global media network and created as a hub to design, promote, and strategize virtual influencers for brands and companies.

The Atlanta-based Offbeat Media Group was founded three years ago by a group of University of Georgia alumni as Scout Social before rebranding early this year. The digital media startup works with brands to develop innovative marketing campaigns for companies like Cameo, Netflix, TikTok, and Twitch. Offbeat claims their network’s audience has more than a billion followers in all. The company claims to offer a pipeline to the meme and influencer-fueled parts of the internet that brands may have had trouble reaching. Original shows published on TikTok, augmented reality lenses on Snapchat, and Instagram-based marketing campaigns are among Offbeat’s tools, but the potential of virtual humans as influencers has picked up a lot of momentum and interest from clients.

That’s why Offbeat co-founder and chief creative officer Christopher Travers founded with others from the team in 2019. Companies interested in creating their own virtual influencer can explore the growing list of nearly 150 virtual influencers, including interviews Travers conducts with the brand avatars. The virtual human hub is how Mark Cuban discovered Offbeat Media, reaching out through the contact form and eventually working with Atlanta Ventures and others to make the undisclosed investment. Offbeat wrote in a LinkedIn post that the money will go toward upping the research and development of digital media and expanding production of its current original content.

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