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Posted November 06, 2020


Shotcall raised $ 2.2 million in a seed capital round to create a platform for the formation of gaming communities and marketplaces for fans.

Shotcall is a new Techstars Accelerator Alumni, empowering people to create communities around games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and more. Shotcall’s founders are Thomas Gentle, Gordon Li and Riley Auten. They thought fan communities should evolve beyond live streaming, where fans only see their favorite players, message boards, and online media.

“Shotcall is the destination for fans to play with their favorite people,” said Gentle in an interview with GamesBeat. “It’s a marketplace, but also a platform. If you have a fan base and you’re a gamer, Shotcall should be your place. If you are a streamer, content creator, professional gamer, celebrity, artist, and athlete, we see gaming as the ideal medium for you to connect with fans. “

Initial Capital and New Stack led the way with contributions from Lerer Hippeau.

“There are dozens of websites for coaching, tournaments, and betting games,” said Gentle. “We’re approaching this with a different mentality. These other sites appear to have been built with the assumption that these communities and hosts are static. If I were a coach for a game, I wouldn’t always be like that forever. I can get bored with a game. We’re built so that my interactions with fans can evolve. That is what sets us apart. “

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