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Posted November 16, 2020


Terminus, the leading account-based marketing platform, announced today its acquisition of GrowFlare, an innovative account profiling and predictive data company that leverages psychographic intelligence to dynamically identify ideal accounts and surfaces the intelligence needed to engage with relevance. The addition of GrowFlare brings a powerful new data solution into the Terminus Engagement Huband provides customers with the capabilities they need to focus their go to market efforts and dynamically prioritize accounts as intent signals change.

  • GrowFlare’s psychographic account profiling technology delivers a better way to understand the accounts that are most likely to become customers. This is the third acquisition for Terminus in the past year as the company has built out the most comprehensive account-based platform on the market.
  • With the addition of GrowFlare, revenue teams can now:
  • Identify new, relevant target accounts based on psychographics and lookalikes in just seconds.
  • Dynamically prioritize accounts based on the trends of what companies are saying with GrowFlare’s scoring and alerts functionality.
  • Help sales determine what to say and when to say it with the powerful combination of psychographic profiling and account intelligence.
  • Enable go-to-market teams to quickly understand a company’s messages and interest from within the tools they use every day like their CRM or browser.



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