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Posted November 23 , 2021


Seoul (CNN Business)Tim Sweeney is on a mission.
The Epic Games CEO has been mounting a relentless attack on Apple, after the tech giant kicked his company's hugely popular video game Fortnite off the App Store. Apple said at the time that Epic flouted rules on digital payments by establishing its own system.

Epic sued Apple in response, kicking off a highly public trial. Apple has argued that its rigid payments system exists to protect the security and privacy of its developers and customers, and that it's only a small part of the video game market — and therefore has no monopoly.

Sweeney sees things differently. Companies like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL), he argues, wield enormous power over the app market. Their control prevents consumers and companies from choosing how they do business.

The case is still working its way through US courts, but in September a judge ruled that Apple could no longer prohibit app developers from directing users to payment options outside its App Store. Still, the judge stopped short of calling Apple a monopoly, and the company has barred Fortnite from its devices until the legal battle finishes, which could delay the game's return to iPhones by several years.


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