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Posted October 28, 2020



As students walk through the doors of Colbert County High School, there is a face scanner that tells if a student has a normal temperature or not.

Colbert County Schools Superintendent Gale Satchel showed us how the "Go safe" works. You basically walk up to it, and it scans your face. It clocks the date and time, too.

"It's free standing. It takes the temperatures and the kids keep going. However, it does keep a tally of where everyone is. So, if a person has an abnormal temperature, it will beep and the nurse will come and take care of that person," said Satchel.

Satchel said they have two of these in the district's eight schools. That cost about $50,000, but they used CARES Act funding to pay for it.

"We're not only most proud that they are here for the pandemic but also, for flu season so as students come in, their temperature can still be taken. Parents, guardians, anyone that comes on campus, it can still take their temperatures," said Satchel.

If the machine detects a fever, the person cannot come farther into the school and the school nurse will assess the student. Visitors will be turned away if they have a fever.


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