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 Posted June 11, 2021

Global Locations Strategies’ Didi Caldwell, founding principal of the Greenville site location firm, is taking her company’s location benchmarking system to the cloud with a new analytic application called Site Shepherd.

Site Shepherd allows users to screen, score and financially assess location data to determine optimal location recommendations for new business operations from anywhere in the world, according to a news release.

“Site Shepherd was developed as a way to tame the big data tsunami that is required to make clear, strategic location decisions,” Caldwell said in the release. “What previously took weeks and multiple spreadsheets to decipher may now be achieved in a single platform often in a matter of days or even hours with Site Shepherd.”

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}The app will allow users to eliminate spreadsheets by importing site-specific data into their personal cloud-based storage file, the release said. The smart technology platform analyzes and scores sites based on user-defined criteria and provides visual insights and recommendations on the optimal location for a new business.

Using data-driven analytics, Site Shepherd strategically mines a high volume of data points to pinpoint potential locations, according to the release.

A typical location benchmarking analysis of an automotive manufacturing plant could involve evaluating 50 sites from around the world. The project manager may receive as many as 500 datapoints per site for a cumulative total of 25,000 datapoints.

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