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Posted November 01 , 2021


A new partnership led by a veteran fossil fuel executive announced plans today to build what could be the country’s biggest hub for renewable hydrogen, even as billions in potential public funds for the technology face an uncertain fate in Congress.

The Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub, as it’s known, would use newly constructed arrays of solar panels to generate electricity, which in turn would power electrolyzers that split hydrogen from water molecules. The zero-carbon hydrogen would be stored in underground salt caverns — also to be newly built — then piped or trucked away to serve as fuel for fuel-cell vehicles or be blended into natural gas systems.

Jackson-based Hy Stor Energy LP, which will direct construction of what will be the firm’s first major project, is leading the plan. Its chief executive, Laura Luce, is an expert on natural gas storage and former executive for Spire, NGS Energy and Enron North America. Hy Stor is working with Connor Clark & Lunn, an energy infrastructure firm that will serve as the financing partner.

The jungle of new clean hydrogen infrastructure envisioned by developers echoes the "hub" concept that federal lawmakers and Energy Department officials have said they want to build.


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