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Posted December 01 , 2021


The Mississippi Department of Safety (DPS) is working with a biometric and identity solutions provider, to allow residents to store and display an up-to-date driver’s license or ID on their phones that can be used as a legal form of ID. It can be shown anywhere users would normally show their driver’s license, including online to access state services.

The Mississippi Mobile ID ensures data security and privacy of personal information by only storing information with the state’s system of record and on the user’s device. It allows users to share only specific identity-related information, such as their birth date when buying alcohol, rather than all the information contained on a physical driver’s license.

After downloading the app, users set permissions and verify access to their phone numbers. They scan the front and back of their driver’s license and take a picture. After the app verifies the information and photos with the state department of motor vehicles, it can be used in place of a physical ID where app readers are available.


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