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Posted November 10, 2020


Police in Jackson, Mississippi, are asking residents to connect their smart doorbells to a real-time surveillance centre, in an effort to fight crime.

The mayor said the video streams would only be looked at if a crime was committed in the area.

Amazon, which owns the best-selling smart doorbell Ring, said that it was not an official partner in the scheme.

Privacy groups said it could undermine civil liberties, especially if footage showed neighbouring properties.

The city has a partnership with two tech firms - Pileum and Fusus - to allow the crime centre to tap into live video captured by the smart doorbells.

Amazon is keen to distance itself from the trial.

"This is not a Ring programme and Ring is not working with any of the companies or the city in connection with this programme," it told the BBC.

Initially the plan is for a 45-day trial, but it could be extended if successful.

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