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Posted October 25 , 2021


Space travel startup Space Perspective is looking to serve as the luxurious and relaxing option for consumers who have both the money and interest in going to space. The company has developed the Spaceship Neptune, which takes a unique approach compared to many traditional ships. Unlike others that use thrust or powerful rockets to reach space, the startup has opted to use a massive balloon, aptly named the Human SpaceBalloon. The SpaceBalloon will allow the company to bring passengers up to the very top of the atmosphere in a pressurized capsule.

The aircraft will reach the edge of the atmosphere at a smooth 12 mph within two hours. Next, it will spend around another two hours floating at that height before descending. The pressurized capsule passengers will be riding in will also come with several amenities uncommon to traditional space travel.

The space travel company designed the capsule to have connected Wi-Fi, a refreshments bar, a restroom, and 360-degree panoramic windows. The aircraft will provide the most luxurious experience currently available.

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}After a successful test flight at 108,000 feet with the SpaceBalloon in June of this year, the space travel startup opened for business. Reservations for its first commercial flight in 2024 are already fully booked as the business demand for a luxury trip to space remains incredibly high.

The success of the test flight and incredible demand have piqued the interest of several investors who heavily believe in the business potential of commercial space travel.


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