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Posted July 08, 2021


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis company is building new robotic technology that could help ease the workload on a person working in a warehouse.

Inside Crosstown Concourse, a robotics startup company called Dextrous Robotics has spent the last 18 months developing and building a robot they call “Chopsticks.”

“Chopsticks, just like what they enable people to do, allow you to do just that. So, you can pick up different shapes, sizes, weights of things. They can be slippery or wet,” said Evan Drumwright, founder and CEO of Dextrous Robotics.

Chopsticks is a robot that’s manually operated by a person on a computer that has the ability to pick up and move packages of up to 88 pounds. The robot moves those packages out of a shipping container or truck and into a warehouse for organizing and transport.

Chopsticks is a lot more efficient than any human.

“It’s able to move about four times as fast as a human. And so it’s incredibly powerful,” said Drumwright.

Logistics is a major industry in Memphis with the Memphis International Airport moving more cargo than any other airport in the world.

Chopsticks would allow humans to stop performing the taxing and dangerous manual labor of moving boxes.

Drumwright says rather than losing jobs, this new robotic technology would create new ones, such as building, operating, and maintaining the robot.


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