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Posted July 23, 2021


Unybrands, the Miami Beach startup that buys and scales e-commerce businesses, now has more fuel to power its acquisition strategy.

Following a $25 million round of financing in February, Unybrands announced this week it has brought in $300 million in growth capital from Crayhill Capital Management.

The startup acquires promising e-commerce businesses across Amazon, Shopify and other platforms -- for instance, high-quality micro-businesses in certain categories that have achieved $1 million to $5 million in revenues and are growing. Then Unybrands integrates them into a shared set of resources, optimizes the business operations and economics, and expands to new product lines and geographies, handling everything from supply chain to marketing.

"We can buy their businesses, reward them for what they've built, and then take it to the next level on our platform. We’re super selective," explained CEO Ulrich Kratz, in an interview with Refresh Miami earlier this year. Unybrands focuses on certain categories, including personal care, pet care, selected household products, supplements, baby products, and sports/fitness.


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