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Posted January 28, 2021

Mana Common has announced a partnership with a tech platform called Plug and Play.

Plug and Play will open an office at Mana Common. The office will be permanent, according to a spokesperson.

The exact square footage of the office has not yet been determined, the spokesperson said.

“Miami has always had the components to make it a global technology hub,” said Moishe Mana. “Now
that remote work has allowed tech workers and founders to live nearly anywhere, we’re seeing an
acceleration of Miami’s emergence as a leading city for tech.”

The Plug and Play Mana partnership is an annual program designed to host two events per year.

Mana Common will co-host the first event with Plug and Play in Miami on February 16, 2021 intended to gather interest from the initial founding members that will jointly work in the project.


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