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Posted September 22 , 2021


Miami, a city where beaches and the ocean are synonymous with its name, has become a boon for venture capital across all sectors over the last year. But innovation, especially as it pertains to ocean technology, has been slow to develop as not many resources for incubation and acceleration exist.

That is until now, as Seaworthy Collective, an ocean technology venture studio and startup community, opens with its first cohort to build entrepreneurs in BlueTech and an ecosystem of experts and innovators to make real change to Earth’s largest aquatic environment.

This week, hear from Seaworthy Collective’s founder and CEO Daniel Kleinman, about what prompted him to create the venture studio and how he and the organization’s first cohort of startups will help build a better climate future through delving into one of Earth’s greatest unknowns.

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}What is Seaworthy Collective

Born in September 2020 out of frustration with systemic barriers to ocean technology development, Daniel launched Seaworthy Collective to break down these obstacles while building a new ecosystem of BlueTech innovators in an area and region ripe for disruption.

“Seaworthy Collective is the first ocean and climate impact-focused venture studio and startup community in the US, making the [BlueTech] field more inclusive, accessible, and interdisciplinary. The venture studio model democratizes the opportunity for anyone to start to co-create a startup and have intent behind the solutions they develop. We’re building teams around solutions that we know are actually going to be high impact, and not just pump out startups to pump out startups. When you think about incubators and accelerators, they’re really just out there relying on hope as a strategy that the solutions we need are going to come to them, and they’ll help them grow. We can be intentional about saying we’re going to help develop the solutions that are actually going to make a real difference.”


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