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Posted October 11 , 2021


From informal coffee chats to industry meetups and sporting events, it’s clear that the South Florida social scene is rebounding from the pandemic. When you’re buzzing around the region, an uncharged phone battery can be devastating.

One Miami startup is working to make sure you’ve got a charge in your pocket whenever you need it. AquaVault, a consumer products company that got its start on Shark Tank, has developed a miniature charger that fits inside your wallet. With a thickness of a quarter inch, it’s just slightly bulkier than your average credit card. But it will have no problem sliding into a standard-sized slot. The stainless steel design fits right in with the trendiest of today’s premium credit cards.

Jonathan Kinas, one of the co-founders of AquaVault, is proud to have built a device that helps a wide variety of consumers. “Whether you’re a world traveler or someone who prefers to stay closer to home, this is perfect for you,” he told Refresh Miami. Kinas also highlighted the all-in-one aspect of the device, which does not require users to use their own cable. “The charger works for iPhones, Android phones, and other electronics,” he said.

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}Kinas noted that the device comes in handy in situations like concerts or while golfing – both times when it would not be practical to carry around a large charging device.

The device packs a punch. It provides 2,700 milliamps, which is roughly one full charge for a standard iPhone. That’s plenty of juice in a pinch. “It’s like a little insurance policy that you can keep in your wallet,” said Kinas.

In early September, AquaVault launched this new version of their charger, which has an improved, thinner design with a longer battery life. Currently, the company’s main distribution channel for the device is direct-to-consumer, right through their eCommerce website. However, Kinas acknowledged that the company will “test all channels, and we will allocate more resources to whichever proves most promising.” He continued, “there might be plenty of opportunities that we’re not aware of yet.”

Kinas is looking forward to going “full throttle into the rollout of the product” over the next few months. ” The AquaVault team expects this product to be popular with corporate clients and hotel chains as well as individual consumers.


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