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Posted July 16, 2021


Netcapital Inc. announced that portfolio company Deuce Drone successfully completed a live demo of their app and drone delivery services, signaling that they will be prepared to launch revenue-generating flights in the next few weeks.

The company hosted the event at the BB&T Financial Centre in Mobile, AL, where Deuce Drone has an exclusive contract to conduct lunch delivery services by drone between the office complex, which has more than 300 people onsite daily, and the nearby Legacy Village shopping center.

“This demo was the culmination of testing, preparing, and conducting dry runs to make sure operational procedures were running smoothly. We’ve now begun fine-tuning our software and will be ready to launch sustained revenue-generating flights at the centre in the coming weeks,” said Ed Fienga, COO of Deuce Drone.

“We’re extremely proud of our team, as our engineers worked hard to make this day possible. We’re also excited about the potential to bring our service to other customers and clients, whether businesses or individuals,” Fienga shared.

{mprestriction ids="1,4,9"}The Deuce Drone team was joined by several notable community leaders for the demo, including Representative Jerry Carl, the CEO of the Mobile Chamber of Commerce, staff from Senator Tommy Tuberville’s office, and representatives from Innovation Portal, a local incubator that recently invested in the company. Local Fox 10 News and covered the event.

“We’re thrilled to see Deuce Drone’s continued success, and look forward to the official launch of their service,” said Cecilia Lenk, Netcapital Inc. CEO.

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