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Posted January 07, 2021


Alabama State University President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., has announced that the University will be utilizing drone technology in implementing the campus’s next layer of protection against COVID-19.

“We are the first University in the country to use this cutting-edge technology,” Ross said during a news conference held in the ASU Stadium on December 16.

The drone technology is patented by Draganfly, Inc., which is the exclusive flight services provider of the new pathogen and virus sanitizer, Varigard, which is a patented, bio-based organic sanitizer “that has been lab tested to sequester and kill COVID-19, STAPH, E Coli and other viruses.”

Following the news conference, a high-tech demonstration of the drone delivery system of Varigard was staged in the stadium with an actual spraying of seats and other surfaces.

Ross said Varigard and the Draganfly drones have great implications for use in the stadium and the Dunn-Oliver Acadome.

The University began its partnership with Draganfly earlier this year with the installation of the company’s Smart Vital Technology and social distancing units as part of ASU’s COVID-19 protocol to keep faculty, students and staff safe.

“Because of our overall safety protocols, which includes sentinel testing, we have been able to keep COVID-19 cases to around two percent of our entire campus population. Draganfly’s technology is a part of our being able to keep those numbers down," Ross commented during the news conference. "Today, we continue our partnership with Draganfly by using its Varigard product. We are excited about this new sanitizer and its innovative delivery method.”


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