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Posted December 03, 2020


FRANKLIN-based BullVC Fund Management LLC aims to help founders, early employees and early investors liquidate some or all their shares in startup companies ahead of M&A, IPO or similar inflection points.

Doing business as BullVC, the firm registered in Tennessee last summer and filed a placeholder for a $75MM capital raise to fund shareholder exits.

VNC research suggests BullVC's pooled private equity fund will be industry agnostic, with priority accorded opportunities to secure minority ownership in technology-centric or -enabled companies. Discussions with startup shareholders who are studying their personal liquidity options are a priority for firms pursuing such de novo funds.

The reverberating pandemic and attendant economic, political and crossborder strains may cause bidders, investors, target-company founders and others to give this and other such offerings a closer look than they would have a year ago.


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