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January 12, 2022


RALEIGH – North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives announced Thursday the planned installation of cutting-edge battery energy storage technology in 10 communities across rural North Carolina. The batteries will be sited at electric cooperative substations, adding local energy resources in communities for enhanced grid infrastructure resilience and reliability for co-op consumer-members.

The batteries are being engineered and constructed by North Carolina-based FlexGen, the second largest energy storage technology company in the nation and a leader in designing energy storage solutions that further the ongoing evolution in the energy industry.

Collectively, the 10 battery projects will provide 40 MWs of power and will be charged when demand for electricity is low and discharged during moments of peak demand. This not only enhances electric reliability but is expected to provide cost savings over the lifetime of the batteries. Because cooperatives are not-for-profit, at-cost energy providers, co-op members will benefit from those savings.


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