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Posted March 03, 2021

Jesse Lipson, one of the Triangle’s most successful entrepreneurs of the last decade, is again finding success in the startup world.

His latest venture, Levitate, has now crossed 2,000 customers and is raising another round of capital from investors, adding $8 million to its coffers.

Levitate competes with email service companies like Mailchimp by providing more intimate communication tools, like reminders to message a customer personally, notes on previous conversations and analytical breakdowns of outreach. The company also provides marketing coaches to offer strategic support.

Its customers include small companies like law firms, real estate brokerages and financial advisers — essentially any firm that needs to regularly stay in touch with its customers.

That has proven to be in high-demand during the pandemic.

“I think it is hard to know what the business would have done outside of COVID. I think we would have grown quite a bit regardless,” Lipson said in a telephone interview. “Luckily it didn’t hurt us badly, and it may have helped us.”

Since the pandemic, Lipson noted, it has become harder for companies to keep in touch with people in person.

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