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Posted December 11, 2020


Wake Forest is developing a “live-work-play,” mixed-use technology park that will be a first-of-its-kind in northern Wake County.

Despite the challenges currently presented by COVID-19 to land developments of all sizes and to the future of modern work habits, Wake Forest’s plans for a nearly 200-acre, tech-centric site remain active.

In 2018, the Wake Forest Business & Industry Partnership, with the full support of the Town of Wake Forest, entered a joint land-development agreement with private landowners to develop a strategically located property near the heart of Wake Forest and connected to the town’s most significant road infrastructure.

If there’s one thing Wake Forest and the Triangle knows and knows well, it’s growth and development. In recent years, Wake County has witnessed an increase in both commercial and residential real estate development, alongside its population explosion. Census data for July 2017 to July 2018 reports Wake County grew by over 20,400 residents — the highest number of new residents in the state.

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