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(Fast forward to 5:30 minutes to the show start) The Engadget Podcast Live team was exposed to all of CES: cars, tvs, computers, gadgets, robotics and more. What were winners and what were losers?

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    Fri Industry: Solar Energy 5:17

    Fri Industry: Solar Energy

    Transparent solar panels are the future. A visionary new technology wants to harvest solar energy from windows on your home, the windscreen of your car, and even from the screen of your smartphone.

    Thurs: Nothing Ear First Impressions 13:06

    Thurs: Nothing Ear First Impressions

    The Nothing Ear (1) is an interesting named product, but at $99, it's nothing to scoff about according to the reviewer. ANC, clear audio, and a future punk design. Should you consider for your next earbuds?

    Wed: Why Apple Hates Google 7:56

    Wed: Why Apple Hates Google

    At one point, Apple and Google were as close as two companies could get without merging. But these days, Apple barely hides its disdain for Google. Find out what happened between the two tech giants to cause this rift.

    Tues:  Coming Soon, iPhone 13 and Big Changes 15:13

    Tues: Coming Soon, iPhone 13 and Big Changes

    Big changes are coming to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, both good and bad. In this video, the latest rumors and leaks for the 2021 iPhone are explored – cameras, screens and more.

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