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(Fast forward to 5:30 minutes to the show start) The Engadget Podcast Live team was exposed to all of CES: cars, tvs, computers, gadgets, robotics and more. What were winners and what were losers?

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    Tues:  Galaxy Z Flip 3 to Be Unveiled in August 2:59

    Tues: Galaxy Z Flip 3 to Be Unveiled in August

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3, expected to be unveiled in early August 2021 on the Upcoming Samsung Unpacked event, is full of design and features. And, the pricing is rumored to be lower than Samsung’s others.

    Mon News Chat: Amazon, Akamai, Google and More 1:02:24

    Mon News Chat: Amazon, Akamai, Google and More

    Amazon's Alexa Live 2021 developer conference. • Right to Repair got a huge boost by the FTC. • The Akamai DNS outage. • Google unveiled the name of its anticipated Wear OS collaboration with Samsung.

    Fri Industry: Space Travel 28:43

    Fri Industry: Space Travel

    Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic. With Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo space plane and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard vehicle capturing the recent news, how are they different or the same?

    Thurs: EV Industry’s Charging Bottleneck 6:30

    Thurs: EV Industry’s Charging Bottleneck

    Electric-vehicle entrepreneurs are working on the industry’s problem: charging infrastructure. Companies are building more chargers, but it may not be enough to make EVs work for people who can’t plug in at home.

    Fri Industry: Space Phenomena 2:58

    Fri Industry: Space Phenomena

    The U.S. government released a highly anticipated report on UFOs recently, but it didn’t answer the central question: What are those mysterious flying objects spotted by military pilots in recent years?

    Thurs: Security Now 1:42:39

    Thurs: Security Now

    Google's FLoC hard thud, a $600M ransomware attack, the remote wiping of many Western Digital My Book NAS devices, an important Edge update, Windows 11 and the passing of an industry legend

    Wed: The Future of Social Media 21:42

    Wed: The Future of Social Media

    How could social media become 'human' again? How can we stop the disinformation, dehumanization and dataism that has resulted from social media's algorithmic obsessions? Is there a solution?

    Tues: Windows 11 Beta Deep Dive 12:07

    Tues: Windows 11 Beta Deep Dive

    Watch a test of a preview version of Windows 11 before its launch later this year. Here's a first look at Microsoft's new OS, including the new Start menu, design, store, and much more.

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